10 things an Astrologer can definitely predict after marriage while Kundali matching

10 things an Astrologer can definitely predict after marriage while kundali matching

10 things an Astrologer can definitely predict after marriage while kundali matching

Most Hindu marriages are done only after astrology Kundli match. It has many significances in deciding the future of couples. If both janamkundli match then the couples lead a happy life in future. So most of the people don’t know the reason behind it. There are astrologers who specialized in marriage kundli.

Astrology is a science. As we believe in science we have to believe astrology also. An astrologer check janamkundli of both boy and girl and calculate various porutham. They check for 10 porutham, MangalikDosha, Naga Dosha and many more. All of them decides the compatibility between couples in future.

Also, they check for gunas. There are 32 gunas from which if there are more than 18 gunas then it is considered as matching. If 27 of them matched then it is considered as perfect match. Generate your horoscope from online kundli generator. Some astrologersdokundlimilan by name. Everybody don’t believe in that. You can see many sites who does kundli matches by name. if you believe in thatyou can check them too.

It is essential to match check marriage kundli matching for a healthy long married life. So, here is what you can know from kundli matching.

  1. Healthy married life

You have to check astrology kundli for dinakoot agreement. if it matches then it will ensure that the couple will stay healthy and free from all diseases. They will lead a healthy life and can enjoy all comforts. If it is compatible then 3 points will give and 0 if not. If 3 points are there it is considered as dinakoot match.

  1. Human personality

Ganakoot is related to personality. It decides matching of human mind, nature, and compatibility. All 27 stars are divided into 3 Gana. They are Deva, Manushya, and AsuraGanas. So, checking ganakoot matching in kundli horoscope is very important to know how happy will be their life.

  1. Compatible sex life

Yoni koot is the deciding factor for sex life compatibility. It is based on the birth star. 27 birth stars grouped into 14 animals. Same animals will get 4 points, enemy animals will get 0 points. This compatibility is very important because it decides sexual compatibility and love between wife and husband.

  1. Birth of children

Rasiporuthamis very important while checking marriage kundli because it ensures the birth of a child. In this position of boy’s horoscope rashi moon is counted from girls’ moon. If boy’s moon is in 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th or 6th position from girl’s moon then it bad. Other positions are considered ok. It has 7 points.

  1. Friendship after marriage

Rasyadhipathi decides friendship and children’s after marriage. If Rasi lords of both boy and girl are friendly or neutral it is considered as matching. 5 points are given to friendly matches.

  1. Long married life

Boy’s and girl’s Rajju decides long happy married life. Birth stars should be in different group. It gets 5 points. There are many rajju matches in kundli horoscope and points corresponding to each match.

  1. Happy married life

Vedhaporutham ensures happy married life. Certain stars are vedha stars. Both boy’s and girl’s star should not be vedha stars. It has 2 points

  1. Love and attachment

Vashyaporutham decides to love and attachment. Certain rasis are in vashyam with others. It has 2 points

  1. Wealth and children

Mahendraporutham ensures the good number of children and wealthy life. It decides the count from groom’s star. It has 2 points

  1. Prosperity and happiness

Sthreedeergham decides prosperity and happiness. If the count of girl’s and boy’s star is more than 13 it is good. It has 2 points.

After adding all these points there should be minimum 18 points to match kundalis. So, approach a good astrologer who can do kundli prediction and make sure both matches. There are many kundli makers who can predict your future life.

In conclusion, kundli horoscope matching is very important and it can predict your future married life. If you don’t have a horoscope there are online kundli generator.There are many kundli maker websites.It is better to check janamkundli match before marriage to avoid inauspicious invents after marriage.Kundali prediction will help you to get a happy married life.

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