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Does Sadesatti Period Affect Your Marriage

For many people the period of Sade satti or the 7 and a half years of influence of the planet Shani or Saturn is very fearsome. There are many misconceptions and dread about this period. People are asked to expect all kinds of obstacles, loss, conflicts, trauma and even death in this period. Worst of all, the married life of a person can also undergo issues during this effect.

So, how can one separate fact from fiction, and what is the real truth regarding effect of sade satti on marriage?

A truly experienced vedic astrologer can tell us all about it.

When, Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from position of moon in the janam kundali, it is known as Sade satti. Saturn takes 2 and ½ years to pass through each sign (30 years to make one round of the zodiac), its passing through 3 signs make it 7 and ½ years. Sade means “half” and Satti translates to “seven” and hence the name Sade Satti.

Does every sade satti effect the individual negatively?

No, this can be answered only by looking at the individual’s birth chart in detail. If Saturn is not in its malefic aspect and placed negatively but working as a yoga karaka, instead of bad results, one can become very successful happy marriage life – buy property, increase wealth etc also in this period. Hence, that is why we see for some people sade satti becomes a time of good fortune also.

How do the different cycles of sade satti affect me?

First cycle of Sade-sati generally affects parents and close relatives. The 2nd cycle influences home and business front, and the 3rd cycle affects marriage, children, family, health, and physical suffering.
In affecting marriage, it can cause separation from spouse, unhappy domestic life and quarrels.
Depending on position and strength of Saturn, the affects can be mild to severe.

How must one take precaution during this time?

To understand this, one must know the nature of the planet Saturn. He is not fond of egoism and pride, and targets people who are arrogant to bring them down. Its very important to remain humble, and continue doing one’s work inspite of any troubles or difficulties.

In married life, one must make sure that one does not show arrogance and ego, but is understanding and patient in solving all problems.

Both spouses can read Shani Mahatmyam on Saturdays, and visit shani temple to make the offerings. This appeases the planet.

How do we know if sade satti is good or bad for marriage prediction?

Astrologers check various aspects to answer this question.

  • They check if Saturn acting as a benefic or malefic influence in the janam kundali
  • Is Saturn coming again under aspect of any naturally benefic or naturally malefic planets.If Saturn is coming under a naturally benefic planet such as Jupiter, it will be a good result but if it comes under a naturally malefic planet like Rahu, it would be a bad result.
  • online Astrolgers also check the dasha – planetary time period running during that time and check if Saturn is involved there?
  • They further check what is the nakshatra under which Saturn falls in natal chart and its characteristics
  • They check for how strong is the janam kundali in general. They analyse how many benefic planets are placed in kona and kendras
  • Placement and influence of lagna and lagna lord are checked. What’s the influence of Lagna on Saturn? E.g. is Saturn in Lagna or is it in conjunction with Lagna lord.

Conclusion of sade satti effect on marriage:

So, rest assured that sade satti would be bad for marriage only if all the above factors are negative in a chart. This is usually not the case and one can get a mixed period of good and bad results affecting marriage astrology in sade satti period

What can Astrology Suggest Relationship with your in-laws Family Members?

What can Astrology Suggest Relationship with your in-laws Family Members?

What can Astrology Suggest Relationship with your in-laws Family Members?

In our society, marriage is considered a strong bond between a woman and a man. It is a sacred agreement that involves not just the couple, but also the families of both the sides. Everyone wishes for a successful and joyful marriage and for this reason most of the marriages are done after matching kundli horoscope.

But sometimes close family members can cause disharmony and discomfort in a relationship. And one of the major problems results because of troubling and annoying in-laws. While not in-laws are the same, but most of them are. But the good thing is that proper marriage kundli milan and astrology can help resolve the problem.

Astrology Reasons for Troubles with In-Laws

  • If there are troubles in the natives 9th, 11th, and 10th house then this forms the Pap Katri Yoga, which results in problems with the mother-in-law. When there is Moon and Rahu combination in the 10th house then the natives will never have a cordial relationship with the mother-in-law.
  • The 4th house of the lord is not placed in correct position then there is always discomfort among the family members. When it is pitrudosh in such homes and the Mangal of the girl is weak, then also conflict occurs with in-laws.
  • When Rahu affects Moon and the main planets in janam kundli then two persons always criticize each other. They taunt each other and avoid giving each other respect. Women having a habit of dominating others are never able to become good mother-in-laws. When Moon-Saturn and Moon-Ketu lead to adverse effects in the kundli of a person then they cannot become good mother-in-law and wife.
  • Another astrology reason causing a disturbance in relationships is when a girl has harassed a widow, pregnant woman, or stolen someone’s money in the past birth. In this case there are always issues between mother-in-law and woman.
  • Another reason for conflict with in-laws as per astrology kundli of a person is when a woman has weak Mercury and Mars. While those with weak Mercury and Rahu or Ketu affecting the planets are not able to gain a good prestige in the home.
  • When the second place is weak in a girl’s marriage kundli then her mother-in-law is jealous of her beauty and education. She even dislikes everything done by her. Also, the mother-in-law always intervenes in her life and does not offer him any emotional support.

Astrology Solutions or Remedies for problems with in-Laws

If you are experiencing a problem with your in-laws and other family members despite kundli milan by name then here are some remedies that can be practiced.

  1. Offer raw turmeric pieces, copper coins, and yellow gram lentils to in-laws four days before the day of marriage. All these are symbols of good health to the family. Practicing such things before leaving your husband’s house will help you live a life full of happiness and joy.
  2. Another great astrology remedy to solve issues with your in-laws is to clean the kitchen yourself. This might sound little odd to you but it helps to develop strong relationships with the person. Also, serving tea to your in-laws will offer tremendous strength to develop strong relationships with in-laws.
  3. Some families regularly experience perennial discords to ensure that such disputes do not happen then it is important to plant trees to the entrance gate. This will result in harmony and peace in the family.
  4. In some situations, husbands can be at times very angry on slight issues or in that case without any reasons. In such situation, the wife is advised to carry jaggery, salt, and two silver coins during the fortnight moon particularly on Tuesday, Monday, and Sunday and hide them in the house. Soon she will beginnoticing changes in her husband.

Besides these astrology solutions, it is essential to give space to everyone in order to develop healthy relationships with them. Avoid interfering with other people and try to adjust to each other in order to resolve the problems. Above than this, make sure your home holds a tulsi plant at the entrance, you serve food to birds and crow and as these are some little yet effective measures that are famous to bring peace and prosperity in the home.

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Couples staying away after marriage because of jobs, how can astrology predict it.

Couples staying away after marriage because of jobs, how can astrology predict

Couples staying away after marriage because of jobs, how can astrology predict

The responsible planets and their effects on astrology Kundli

If the couples are working, they have to manage many things. Be it a government servant or private employee, transfer leads to many problems and confusions. Astrology successfully predicts the possibility of job transfers. The planet Sun is responsible to get power and authority. If the couple has a strong effect of sun, they will be promoted. The planet Saturn leads to obstacles in life. Its presence is known to bring more tension and problems in the career. The planet Mars is responsible for the sudden events of life.

When marriage kundli is analyzed, the possibility of jobs is also studied. The effect of the 4th house leads to transfer. And this is the responsible factor for the separation from family. The planet Saturn leads to loss of prestige, respect, and status. And this results leads to an immediate transfer. The 10th lord makes a person jobless as per janamkundli. An individual finds it difficult to get the job. And it even leads to frequently changing Job situation.

A person will experience transfer with promotion on account of the 7th house in marriage kundli. It is affected by 3rd, 10th and 12th. If a person experiences transfer without any change in residence, it is known that the 10th house has been influenced by 3rd, 10th, and 12th. If the transfer results in a change in residence or change in place, the couple has to stay away as per kundli horoscope. And here the affected house is 4th house. Some transfer brings financial gains. It becomes possible 2nd or 11th house is affected.

What astrological remedies can be followed to be settled at one place?

kundli Milan by name is the foremost step to take place.

“Om Namah Shivaya” – This is the most powerful mantra to be recited all day long. The individual can chant at any time. But it would be better if chanted in a temple. Don’t worry if you cannot go to the temple. You can chant it in some alone position as well. The only thing required is to concentrate on your verse. Other than that the 7th house and its lord are the responsible factors. It is assumed that the presence of Rahu in the 7th house leads to marital problems according to the expert kundli maker.

Most of the couples go through the kundli prediction only to get rid of such issues. If you are going through frequent transfer, then the 4th house is the responsible one. To avoid frequent transfers after marriage, start worshipping the Sun. It will accord you a good job without transfers. Astrologers even recommend keeping something silverish with you. Before marriage astrologers suggest getting the Janamkundli verified. It is because of the job possibilities. If there arises any problem or transfer in the job, it can be cured by kundli matching by name.

The conclusion

Now kundli horoscopes are known to be important because of many factors. Obviously, you predict your future. With the help of a kundli maker, you can easily have the most suitable career choice. As far as frequent transfers are concerned, astrology kundli successfully gives a solution to it. As per the placement of different planets, you can predict your job status. And due to it can either get a transfer or you eliminate the chances. Many people even recommend online kundli generator. Even with them, one can easily get an answer to personality traits, relationships, career, and finances etc using kundli prediction.

So there is no need to worry if you are staying away. Go and take the help of an astrologer or use online kundli generator and get rid of everything.

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10 things an Astrologer can definitely predict after marriage while Kundali matching

10 things an Astrologer can definitely predict after marriage while kundali matching

10 things an Astrologer can definitely predict after marriage while kundali matching

Most Hindu marriages are done only after astrology Kundli match. It has many significances in deciding the future of couples. If both janamkundli match then the couples lead a happy life in future. So most of the people don’t know the reason behind it. There are astrologers who specialized in marriage kundli.

Astrology is a science. As we believe in science we have to believe astrology also. An astrologer check janamkundli of both boy and girl and calculate various porutham. They check for 10 porutham, MangalikDosha, Naga Dosha and many more. All of them decides the compatibility between couples in future.

Also, they check for gunas. There are 32 gunas from which if there are more than 18 gunas then it is considered as matching. If 27 of them matched then it is considered as perfect match. Generate your horoscope from online kundli generator. Some astrologersdokundlimilan by name. Everybody don’t believe in that. You can see many sites who does kundli matches by name. if you believe in thatyou can check them too.

It is essential to match check marriage kundli matching for a healthy long married life. So, here is what you can know from kundli matching.

  1. Healthy married life

You have to check astrology kundli for dinakoot agreement. if it matches then it will ensure that the couple will stay healthy and free from all diseases. They will lead a healthy life and can enjoy all comforts. If it is compatible then 3 points will give and 0 if not. If 3 points are there it is considered as dinakoot match.

  1. Human personality

Ganakoot is related to personality. It decides matching of human mind, nature, and compatibility. All 27 stars are divided into 3 Gana. They are Deva, Manushya, and AsuraGanas. So, checking ganakoot matching in kundli horoscope is very important to know how happy will be their life.

  1. Compatible sex life

Yoni koot is the deciding factor for sex life compatibility. It is based on the birth star. 27 birth stars grouped into 14 animals. Same animals will get 4 points, enemy animals will get 0 points. This compatibility is very important because it decides sexual compatibility and love between wife and husband.

  1. Birth of children

Rasiporuthamis very important while checking marriage kundli because it ensures the birth of a child. In this position of boy’s horoscope rashi moon is counted from girls’ moon. If boy’s moon is in 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th or 6th position from girl’s moon then it bad. Other positions are considered ok. It has 7 points.

  1. Friendship after marriage

Rasyadhipathi decides friendship and children’s after marriage. If Rasi lords of both boy and girl are friendly or neutral it is considered as matching. 5 points are given to friendly matches.

  1. Long married life

Boy’s and girl’s Rajju decides long happy married life. Birth stars should be in different group. It gets 5 points. There are many rajju matches in kundli horoscope and points corresponding to each match.

  1. Happy married life

Vedhaporutham ensures happy married life. Certain stars are vedha stars. Both boy’s and girl’s star should not be vedha stars. It has 2 points

  1. Love and attachment

Vashyaporutham decides to love and attachment. Certain rasis are in vashyam with others. It has 2 points

  1. Wealth and children

Mahendraporutham ensures the good number of children and wealthy life. It decides the count from groom’s star. It has 2 points

  1. Prosperity and happiness

Sthreedeergham decides prosperity and happiness. If the count of girl’s and boy’s star is more than 13 it is good. It has 2 points.

After adding all these points there should be minimum 18 points to match kundalis. So, approach a good astrologer who can do kundli prediction and make sure both matches. There are many kundli makers who can predict your future life.

In conclusion, kundli horoscope matching is very important and it can predict your future married life. If you don’t have a horoscope there are online kundli generator.There are many kundli maker websites.It is better to check janamkundli match before marriage to avoid inauspicious invents after marriage.Kundali prediction will help you to get a happy married life.

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Matching more than 25 Gunas while Kundali Matching

Matching more than 25 Gunas while Kundali matching, still astrologers are saying NO to the match, what can be the possible reasons.

Matching more than 25 Gunas while Kundali matching

Matching more than 25 Gunas while Kundali matching

As per our Hindu system whenever a marriage is supposed to take place, the Janam Kundli for a boy and the girl is required to be matched. Matching a Kundli signifies a sign of happiness and bliss in marital life.

One can get the matchmaking done by going to the astrologer or getting it done by an online kundli generator. It is said that minimum of 18 gunas a required to match to go ahead with the marriage.

There have been instances where even after a successful match of marriage Kundli astrologers won’t suggest going ahead with the marriage due to many reasons involved. Further, we will discuss the reason for the same.

  1. If any of the bride or groom’s astrology Kundli has Manglik dosha, then even after all the gunas are matching a marriage is not recommended. To proceed ahead one need to consult an astrologer for Manglik dosha remedies.
  2. Another reason as per kundli prediction, that the presence of multiple doshas in any one of the kundli does is not considered to go ahead with the marriage. Therefore, one needs to resolve this issue by praying to Ma Katyayani to please her.
  3. When looking into your kundli horoscope, if the 7th house is under the influence of weak or benefic planets, then marriage is not recommended. Consult an experienced astrologer to know the necessary remedies for this.
  4. As per few experienced astrologers, a perfect kundlimilan by name does not guarantee a successful marriage, due to MahendraKootadosha. MahendraKoota signifies the financial compatibility of couples after marriage.
  5. In the kundli horoscope of a girl and boy, UpendraKootadosha is another factor which can come as a hindrance to a blissful marriage. As this dosha signifies troubles related to children.
  6. Nadi dosha is considered as one of the major doshas when matching a marriage kundli. Nadi refers to the pulse of a person, which signifies the psychological compatibility between the spouse.
  7. In astrology kundli for the prospective bride and groom, Ganadosha is another important factor in hindrance to going ahead with the marriage.Gana specifies the increasing affection and love between the partners over the period of time.
  8. Always match Yoni Koota when making a boy and girl’s kundli prediction. As Yoni specifies the prosperity of a couple. A dosha in this area is not considered to be healthy.
  9. Getting your horoscope checked with a kundli maker, see if Dina Koota is compatible with the prospective couples. Dina signifies the longevity of married life, which is an important aspect of a successful life.
  10. In the janamkundli of a prospective bride and groom, a compatible varna is an essential requirement. Varna means compatibility of ideas, beliefs, and principal of a couple, which is needed to lead a conflict-free married life.
  11. When doing a kundlimilan by name, compatibility of gotra becomes important because it is considered as an important point for the growth of lineage after married life.
  12. When using an online kundli generator, there you can see the compatibility or incompatibility of Astakavarga of the couples. Astakavarga signifies the mental compatibility of the couple as it means a peaceful a good life.

Whenever you get your birth chart checked by using kundli maker, keep in mind that these astrological aspects are meant to fix by our own selves. Trusting and having enough faith in astrology will surely guide you to the best.





Couples always fighting over small affairs, Can astrology explain the kind of behavior while Kundali match?


In Indian astrology, kundli horoscope has a special place. Whenever a marriage takes place, it is assumed that two families are tying a knot. The two individuals are about to be one for life. It is obvious for them to hope for the soothing marriage life. kundli prediction is known to be very important get the marriage horoscope of the people. It is because if the kundalis don’t match, the life is going to be spoiled. Arguments after marriage are quite common. But if the Couples are always fighting over small affairs, astrology kundli is assumed to be the major reason.

How does everything work?

Kundli Milan is not a theoretical aspect. It has to be practically done. Everything depends upon the circulation of planets. Kundli Milan by name is done only to know the possibility of having a happy and comfortable life.

  • As far as marriage kundli is concerned, eight points are matched. The aggregate of them comes to 36. Astrologers believe that at least 18 points should match. If the couple gets points more than 27, it is the bang-on situation. Astrologers approve the marriage. But if there are points less than 18, the marriage is not advised. Even the sum total is responsible for the fights between them.
  • When the fights become for the couples, some astrological reason is assumed to be responsible. With the change in the places of the planets, the characteristics of couples change. There might be any negative yoga responsible for the confusion. The Janam Kundli of the individuals is studied to know the reasons. Even the planets Venus and Mars lead to lack of harmony.

What are the respective factors to be studied?

  • Marriage is the purest act in the world. It is the union of two individuals. But this pure relation is known to be incomplete before kundli Matching. And it is believed that kundli Milan should take place for sure. The astrological charts of husband and wife should be studied thoroughly. Many couples constantly suffer from such issue. They should definitely consult an expert astrologer. There are positive chances of getting an apt solution. Some astrologers recommend wearing the locket of Lord Ganesha.
  • The kundali analysis thus plays a major role in marriages. To know the future of any relation, some factors are studied. They are matching casts, attraction, longevity, sexual compatibility, planetary friendship, mental compatibility etc. These are the major factors which are responsible for the successful marriage life. If the couples always keep on fighting over small affairs, these factors are responsible for it somewhere.

The worthiness of the prediction

  • In Indian astrology, Kundali Milan by name is very important. It is because no one wants to stick with marital issues later. It is better to go through kundali analysis for marriage. At least you can enjoy your life forever.
  • Feel free to contact any astrologer in such case. A kundli maker plays an important life as an individual. It is because kundli Milan is an important task to be done. A person’s life gets changed with a single statement given by a kundli maker. Remember not to go to any ordinary person for kundli Milan, It can be dangerous or risky. As far as the use of an online kundli generator is concerned, it should be done by professionals only. Many people have experienced its worth and genuineness. Get your future predicted via true people.


When it becomes difficult for you to manage the love life, it is not bad to talk to an astrologer for help.

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Opposites attract -How Does Kundali Matching Happen?


  Kundali Matching or Horoscope Matching

The zodiac matching for the perfect life is the important event for those people who truly have faith in astrology, i.e. marriage, health, financial issues etc. In accordance with the law of nature, opposites attract. Who are yet to tie the knot Kundali Matching helps them in looking for their perfect partner and best compatibility in future.

The traditional and cultural Hindu beliefs with the modification of societies(especially in India) still give high importance to the institution of marriage and elaborates match making leading to eternal marital bliss in details.

In ancient times when a child was born the parents use to note down their birth time, date of birth and other details based on which the child’s JanamKundali was created. Prior to marriage, the JanamKundali of both the future partners has examined for compatibility the process which is referred as Gun Milan or Kundali Milan. In this whole strategy of matching perfections, Vedic astrology is used which is based on the belief that the position of celestial bodies, time and date of birth event are some of the foremost importance for deriving a desirable result from any future/further events including marriage too.

Gunas in Kundali Matching

There are 8 different gunas involved in Kundali Matching and an overall score is derived from such prediction results, which is believed to have significance as far as compatibility is concerned about two perfect matching zodiacs for marriage and lifetime relationship. Sometimes during Gunas Milan there exist some kundali doshas (gunas mismatch). In such a situation an experienced astrologer is consulted to give remedies to cure the imperfections and best possibility to gain profitable results.

This astrological belief is especially is the part of Hinduism, there exist the most successful marriages, unlike western culture. This makes our belief more factful in Vedic astrology, especially Kundali Milan or Gun Milan.


Gun Milan Test #1- Varna: Evaluating compatibility based on Vedic caste system.

Gun Milan Test #2- Vasya: According to modern astrologers, this test helps to determine the possibilities of the successful marriage between two individual, for lifelong compatibility and secured future together.

Although, the signs of the zodiac are broken up into 5 groups:

  • Manava or Human
  • Vanachara or Wild
  • Chatushpada or Quadruped
  • Jalachara or Water
  • Keeta or Insect

There are 4 rules to the Vasyatest, the astrologer uses them to determine compatibility during this test.

Gun Milan Test #3- Tara: This test is believed to help provide accurate health and well-being of the bride and the groom after marriage.

Gun Milan Test #4- Yoni: This test is conducted to determine the physical and sexual compatibility of the couple.

Gun Milan Test #5 – GrahaMaitri: It measures or is believed to measure the strength of love and romance between the couple.

Gun Milan Test #6- Gana: This, in particular, is used to identify an individual’s nature and temperament.

Gun Milan Test #7-Bhakoot: Bhakoot or Rashikoot testing is believed to verify the overall health, welfare, and prosperity of a family after marriage.

Gun Milan Test #8-Nadi: Nadi is used to test genetic compatibility using ancient Vedic knowledge and Vedic astrology.

As we can see from above details it takes numerous tests and ancient techniques to finally make Kundali Milan of two souls as one spirit. So before getting married JanamKundali is verified of both partners and Gun Milan tests and others are done. Then comes an aspect is known as kundali mismatch or dosha and the very same needs to be rectified by chanting certain mantras and various other remedies. So if there are marriages especially Hindu marriage astrologers will be busy to make Kundali Milan and finding remedies.