Let astrology reveal if your future husband or wife is the best support for you!

Are you scared of getting married? Do you have sleepless nights wondering if your marriage will be a success or not?

Astrology is your best guide for a happy marriage. Start with finding out whether you will have a supportive wife or husband? Who doesn’t want to know that!

Let Smart Astrology Handle your Life Issues Right Now!

Let’s see how easily astrology can predict this accurately for you.One of the things the modern man or woman fears losing most is their personal freedom and personal space.

Astrology can guide you to answer the question, “How will be my future wife or husband?”,so that you are prepared in advance and know what you can expect in your life. Each person is different, and an astrologer will first evaluate your Janma kundali or Birth Horoscope thoroughly to know what is indicated as per astrology.

We, at Akashvaani Astrology can Play a very key Role in the Following Way

  • Quick Question Help: We can recommend the best time to get married
  • Detailed Consultation Help: Ask a question and get confidence as we predict the type of marriage partner and married life for you
  • Manglik Dosha Remedies – which are simple and practical to improve the possibilities for marriage

Guidelines in astrology

  • If the lord of the 1st house or the lagnesh is in the 7th house, it shows that there will be very good support between husband and wife. There will be a strong bond of love between the two.

What does my janma kundali show regarding my future spouse?

  • The 7th house is called the marriage house. It reveals everything about your future life partner. The planet in this house will be the main factor to tell us about the future husband or wife. For example, Mars placed here, reveals that the wife will be quite dominant and capable.


  • If Jupiter is in a strong position, it indicates an overall good experience for the person, inspite of any difficulties If Jupiter is positioned strongly, it indicates that the person will have very strong and supportive bond with the husband or wife.

Do I have a Good and Happy Marriage in my kundali?

  • Moon always gives a very soothing and supportive effect. If Moon is strong in the first house and in cancer, it is to be expected that the wife and husband will be strongly supportive of each other.

Will I have a Love or Arranged Marriage?

So, one can make sure that future of one’s marriage is no longer a mystery by consulting an astrologer and securing the future.




Partner hides a lot of things. Astrology reasons and suggestions.

Partner hides a lot of things. Astrology reasons and suggestions.

Partner hides a lot of things. Astrology reasons and suggestions.

Astrology gives you answer for every problem related to your life. In India, many people believe in Astrology, and it is a tradition to match JanamKundli of boy bride and groom before marriage. To do that you should approach a good astrologer who can handle Kundli prediction. In this modern society marriage disharmony is a common issue. Astrology can solve your problems easily by reading your marriage Kundli.

As per astrology 7th house of main birth chart and your, Navamsha is responsible for your marriage life in future. 7th house and its lord is responsible for married life and your spouse nature. The 2nd and 4th house is also responsible for this. KundliMilan by name is also very popular where names of both bride and groom checks for a match. If you believe in that check that also.

If your 4th house and its lord is afflicted, you have to live away from your family. And if the 7th, 2nd, and 4th house lord are affected by bad planets, then you will encounter disharmony in your married life, and you can expect frequent quarrel with your partner. Even if your 2nd and 4th house are affected, and 7th house is strong, then you can lead a strong married life.

Other problems due to planet placements

  1. If 7th house lord is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house

6th, 8th, and 12th houses are very dangerous and malefic houses. It will destroy the strength of 7th house lord, and it will create problems in your married life and partner will hide many things from you.

  1. If 6th 8th and 12th house lord in 7th house

This is also a bad sign in your married life. In this case, your partner will be a troublemaker, and you cannot lead a happy marries life.

  1. Placement of Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Sun in the 7th house

As I said, an earlier 7th house is responsible for your married life. If any of the above planets are placed in 7th house, and each has their own effects. If functional lordship of these planets is yogakarka, then it will not produce any bad effects.

Mars-: Mars is considered as the worst planet in 7th house that affects your married life. If an astrologer finds Mangalik dosha in astrology Kundli, then he won’t suggest to go on with that marriage because it a serious issue in your married life and may lead to death or accident of bride or groom.

Saturn-: Saturn in 7th house delays marriage and makes one less interested in your partner.

Rahu-Ketu-: These two planets are very mysterious planets in nature, and if Rahu is placed in 7th house then it will cause extramarital affairs. If Ketu is situated in the 7th house, it leads to separation of couples.

Above are some common reasons behind problems between married couples. Before matching any Kundli horoscope, one should make sure that it doesn’t have any of the doshas as mentioned above. To avoid these problems, astrology gives you suggestions also. Follow them and get rid of problems associated with your partner.

Astrological remedies

  • If mars and Sun cause the problem, then you light a mustard oil lamp on every Saturday and donated sesame seeds or black urad dal to someone for three Saturdays.
  • If Rahu is responsible for problems, then the wife should do Friday fast if husband causes the problem. Husband can do the same if wife causes the problem.
  • If the problem causes by weak Venus, then the love and attraction towards partner will be less. The remedy for this is lighting ghee lamb under basil plant every day.
  • To avoid divorce due to these planets, you can do Monday fast and offer 27 bell patra and water to Lord Shiva every morning. Go to Hanuman temple for 5 Tuesdays and chant Hanuman Chalisa 11 times every morning.


Hiding everything from your partner is a serious issue when it comes to married life. Trust and love are very important in every relation. If you don’t have a Kundli, then Kundli makers are available online. Generate your Kundli using an online Kundli generator and check whether it matches with your partners.

Can astrology tell physical appearance and characteristics of my spouse based in my chart?

Can astrology tell physical appearance and characteristics of my spouse based in my chart?

Can astrology tell physical appearance and characteristics of my spouse based in my chart?

In astrology, the most common questions are regarding marriages and the prospects of spouses. People always want to know about the physical appearances, status, and characteristics of their would-be spouses in astrological consultations.  In astrology, kundli prediction has always been an important part of marriages. But the main question remains, is it possible to do that? Let’s find out!

Understanding How Astrology Works With Respect To Marriage And Spouses

Each planet and zodiac have their own unique characteristics and aspects. These aspects of a zodiac are affected by the change in the positions of planets. So, the association of planets is what changes these aspects in a person’s Janam Kundli. So, all the characteristics that a human being has to depend on his individual planet positions. According to astrology, the 7th house of a person’s astrology kundli and the lord of that house decides a person’s fate in marriage and spouse.

How The 7th House Works In Determining A Person’s Characteristics

You might have come across people doing kundlimilan by name. That is, the astrologer is basically checking what zodiac is present in the 7th house of the kundli horoscope. We know that each zodiac has both its positive and negative qualities. The astrologer checks if the Lord of the person’s zodiac is auspiciously placed in the 7th house or not. If it is, then the person is more likely to display the positive aspects of his zodiac.

Also, if the Sun is predominant in the 7th house, the person is like to be wheatish in complexion and of average height. They may not be very charming but will have a deep voice and a great personality. Similarly, if the Moon is predominant, the spouse you will have will be quite good-looking, fair and quite charming. They will have a certain childish innocence in the way they look.

How Zodiac Lords’ Placement Work In Determining The Spouse’s Appearance

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the fire signs. If the Lord of these signs is auspiciously placed in the 7th house, then the spouse will likely be tall and good looking and will display an affectionate and caring attitude towards you. Fire signs mainly are seen to rule over the 1st, 5th and the 9th houses in the janamkundli. If the 7th Lord is well placed in the marriage kundli, then the spouse will display qualities of living a balanced life and will also have high morals. They will make good parents but sometimes might lead to pushing their kids towards excellence. These people are great in financial management too. Religion and philosophy are going to be of ultimate importance to them.

For Air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, if the 7th Lord is well placed, the person will be good looking, sharp and intelligent that will help them maintain a balance between work and home and will always have a positive attitude towards life. But they are quite materialistic too. They are extroverts and love meeting people.

For the earth signs of Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo, the person’s height will be average, they will be average looking but will have a very calculative approach towards love relationships. They are very dedicated to working and can be excellent earners. They have a highly practical approach and that might come across as rude to you. Also, jealousy is a dominant streak in them. They make good but strict parents. They are good in finance management but you find it miserly sometimes.

Spouses of water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are of medium height mostly, are soft-spoken, extremely romantic and imaginative. They have a very impractical approach towards life and that might be disturbing to you. If you are an Earth sign, there are going to clash with Water signs. They are very caring and understanding though. They can be extremely good parents who do not push their kids to strive towards excellence. They are not great at managing finances either.

While a lot of people get their janamkundlimade quite early in their lives, a lot of you still have no kundli made. That is not a problem in today’s digital world though. You can get your kundli ready with just a few clicks in a different online kundli generator that are available. Or you can go the traditional way to a  kundli maker and get your horoscope made.




How Astrology and Counselling together can greatly help you for Mental Compatibility between two partners?

How Astrology and Counselling together can greatly help you for Mental compatibility between two partners

How Astrology and Counselling together can greatly help you for Mental compatibility between two partners

The most widespread reason why marriages break and why relationships don’t work out is compatibility issues. Even when everything is right, from finances to status to health, marriages still do not work out because of the lack of compatibility. That is why before marriage, the couple’s janam kundli is matched to check for any future mismatch in the relationship.

Vedic astrology checks for the position of the Moon in the kundli horoscope of the charts of the boy and the girl. This process is known as the Kuta system, which is used to check for the mental compatibility of the couple.

What Is The Kuta System?

Normally in astrology, while checking for marriage kundli, there are 36 factors that are examined in the boy’s and girl’s respective astrology kundli. The Kuta system examines only 12 factors that are based on the Moon’s position in both the charts. The ideal score in the traditional system of kundli milan by name or by birthdays is 36. But that is a very rare case scenario.

How Astrology And Counselling Are important To Determine Mental Compatibility

The Kuta system is the link between these two scientific approaches. The Kuta system is based on the positions of the Moon in the astrology kundli. It measures how a couple’s relationship is harmonised based on how freely the consciousness flows. This flow of consciousness is the main force between the couple. This does not indicate karmic compatibility though. If the position of the Moons in both their charts is auspicious, it would mean high compatibility. If the position of the Moons are not well placed, there are many other factors that would determine the compatibility.

Nowadays, one can easily use an online kundli generator or a kundli maker and get the compatibility score online without understanding how the system works. But a low score can help couples identify which all areas they lack in compatibility and with the help of proper counseling, can work on it. A Kuta score, whether high or low, does not really determine if the relationship is going to work out, the will and efforts of the couple determine that.

While the traditional Kuta system shows you which areas you and your partner lack in, modern counseling can help you deal with that. Kuta mainly focuses on exterior factors like health, lifespan etc. and evaluate these factors to give a compatibility score. A low Kuta score is not at all a reason to be disheartened.

Other Factors In Astrology That Determine Mental Compatibility

Astrology is such a vast area of study that lots of astrologers do not have same opinions about different methods of measuring compatibility. One of the most effective methods is to compare the two charts through Synastry. This is the best possible way to get a clear idea of how the positions and energies of different grahas (planets) work in the charts to determine the couple’s compatibility.

While the 7th house of each respective charts is the indicator of relationships and marital bliss, an astrologer should ideally study all the boxes of the chart thoroughly. For a relationship with high mental compatibility, the position of Lagna lord, 7th lord and 7th house karaka, Venus should be strong enough and there should be good yogas present in the individual charts.

If Mars stands placed in houses 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12, the marriage won’t be a smooth one. But if the other person’s chart shows a similar placement of Mars in either of the boxes, then it is going to be a happy marriage. Mars in these boxes stand for low compatibility and that is easily visible while doing the kundli prediction of a couple.

Wrapping Up

A lot of times it might happen that a couple has been together for years but their compatibility score through the Kuta system is low. In such cases, people might ask what makes them compatible. As we said earlier, traditionally there are 36 factors that are examined to determine a couple’s future together in marriage. So the best way to determine compatibility is to compare the two charts and tally all the factors and all the houses.

How Kundali Matching can be done by using Name of Girl and Boy?

How Kundali Matching can be done by using Name of Girl and boy.

How Kundali Matching can be done by using Name of Girl and boy.

Kundli prediction is probably the most important step that families take before getting someone married. Horoscope matching is still a very popular step in India, to make sure that the groom and bride are compatible enough with each other and with each other’s families. Astrology has been an area of interest for ages now. Sometimes astrologers can match the janam kundli of the boy and the girl just by using their names.

There are plenty of aspects related to astrology kundli matchmaking, as an astrologer has to evaluate zodiacs, time of birth, the lunar constellations etc. A lot of astrologers also use the Ashtkoot chakra or Avakhada chakra to check the marriage kundli and the compatibility of the bride and groom.

What Is Kundli Milan By Name And How Does It Work?

Janamkundlimilan is a way that Indian families use to check the love compatibility if the bride and groom. There are two ways to do that, one is kundlimilan by name, and the other one is where the horoscopes are matched using birthdays and the exact time of birth. While most families trust the birthday horoscope matching more, the result of both these methods is actually the same.

While checking for kundli horoscope using names, the astrologer looks for both the current name or the janamrashi names of the two individuals. Sometimes a person’s birth name is not the same as his or her current name. in such cases, the astrologer first checks with the birth name. If the results are not quite good, then he checks for the compatibility using the current name.

The astrologer checks the DoshaPariharam or Dosh cancellation factor while checking the kundlis using names. Dosha or faults is a situation where after performing the kundlimilan by name, any of the matched merit results come as 0. The astrologer then looks for certain aspects in the other person’s horoscope to check if there is any way to cancel out this Dosharo demerit. In simpler words, it means the astrologer looks for certain qualities in one person that can fill the void of some shortcomings in the other’s characteristics. That is what compatibility actually means.

What Factors Are Examined While Matching Horoscopes By Names?

Lifespan– It is important to check the lifespan of both the boy and the girl fit is long enough.

Individual health– Couples with poor health conditions will suffer for most of their life. That is why it is important to check in advance in there is any possibility of any fatal or incurable disease in either the boy or the girl.

Finance– Money is an important factor to lead a peaceful married life. So this aspect is checked for to see if there are any yogas of poverty in the couple’s future.

Children- This aspect is checked to see if there is any resistance to childbirth.

Mutual understanding– No point in having the rest if there is no compatibility among the couple.

What Factors Are Examined While Matching Horoscopes By Birth?

Varna Koota- This tests the amount of spirituality in the girl and boy. This is based on the oldest forms of the caste system, that is, Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishyas, and Sudras.

VashyaKoota- This focuses on the zodiac compatibility of the couple.

Tara koota- This focuses on the mental and emotional compatibility of the girl and the boy. Both the janamkundli and name compatibility methods give utmost importance to this koota. Emotional compatibility is what keeps a marriage going.

Yoni koota- This examines the sexual compatibility of the girl and the boy.For this, the yoni kootas of both the boy and the girl has to be the same.

Ganakoota– This emphasizes on the time of the birth, whether you were born in the Dev Gana, ManushyaGana or RakshasGana. The most auspicious kind of marriage is considered when the boy and the girl are of the same Ganas.

If you do not have a kundli yet, you can always go to a kundli maker or use an online kundli generator. Else, there is always the option of kundli matching by names too.




What can Astrology Suggest Relationship with your in-laws Family Members?

What can Astrology Suggest Relationship with your in-laws Family Members?

What can Astrology Suggest Relationship with your in-laws Family Members?

In our society, marriage is considered a strong bond between a woman and a man. It is a sacred agreement that involves not just the couple, but also the families of both the sides. Everyone wishes for a successful and joyful marriage and for this reason most of the marriages are done after matching kundli horoscope.

But sometimes close family members can cause disharmony and discomfort in a relationship. And one of the major problems results because of troubling and annoying in-laws. While not in-laws are the same, but most of them are. But the good thing is that proper marriage kundli milan and astrology can help resolve the problem.

Astrology Reasons for Troubles with In-Laws

  • If there are troubles in the natives 9th, 11th, and 10th house then this forms the Pap Katri Yoga, which results in problems with the mother-in-law. When there is Moon and Rahu combination in the 10th house then the natives will never have a cordial relationship with the mother-in-law.
  • The 4th house of the lord is not placed in correct position then there is always discomfort among the family members. When it is pitrudosh in such homes and the Mangal of the girl is weak, then also conflict occurs with in-laws.
  • When Rahu affects Moon and the main planets in janam kundli then two persons always criticize each other. They taunt each other and avoid giving each other respect. Women having a habit of dominating others are never able to become good mother-in-laws. When Moon-Saturn and Moon-Ketu lead to adverse effects in the kundli of a person then they cannot become good mother-in-law and wife.
  • Another astrology reason causing a disturbance in relationships is when a girl has harassed a widow, pregnant woman, or stolen someone’s money in the past birth. In this case there are always issues between mother-in-law and woman.
  • Another reason for conflict with in-laws as per astrology kundli of a person is when a woman has weak Mercury and Mars. While those with weak Mercury and Rahu or Ketu affecting the planets are not able to gain a good prestige in the home.
  • When the second place is weak in a girl’s marriage kundli then her mother-in-law is jealous of her beauty and education. She even dislikes everything done by her. Also, the mother-in-law always intervenes in her life and does not offer him any emotional support.

Astrology Solutions or Remedies for problems with in-Laws

If you are experiencing a problem with your in-laws and other family members despite kundli milan by name then here are some remedies that can be practiced.

  1. Offer raw turmeric pieces, copper coins, and yellow gram lentils to in-laws four days before the day of marriage. All these are symbols of good health to the family. Practicing such things before leaving your husband’s house will help you live a life full of happiness and joy.
  2. Another great astrology remedy to solve issues with your in-laws is to clean the kitchen yourself. This might sound little odd to you but it helps to develop strong relationships with the person. Also, serving tea to your in-laws will offer tremendous strength to develop strong relationships with in-laws.
  3. Some families regularly experience perennial discords to ensure that such disputes do not happen then it is important to plant trees to the entrance gate. This will result in harmony and peace in the family.
  4. In some situations, husbands can be at times very angry on slight issues or in that case without any reasons. In such situation, the wife is advised to carry jaggery, salt, and two silver coins during the fortnight moon particularly on Tuesday, Monday, and Sunday and hide them in the house. Soon she will beginnoticing changes in her husband.

Besides these astrology solutions, it is essential to give space to everyone in order to develop healthy relationships with them. Avoid interfering with other people and try to adjust to each other in order to resolve the problems. Above than this, make sure your home holds a tulsi plant at the entrance, you serve food to birds and crow and as these are some little yet effective measures that are famous to bring peace and prosperity in the home.

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10 Years in Marriage, Losing Interest. Can Astrology Suggest Reasons and Remedies?

10 Years in Marriage, Losing Interest. Can Astrology Suggest Reasons and Remedies?

10 Years in Marriage, Losing Interest. Can Astrology Suggest Reasons and Remedies?

Every person desires for a satisfied and happy married life. The happiness between married couples sustains only when there is love and affection between the two. But when the love and interest starts losing then this can disturb the relationship and can result in problems between the two.

While the problem is definitely painful, astrology kundli can provide you with the best solutions for this problem. Before you move on to know the possible astrology reasons to cure such a problem in your married life, first have a glance at the reasons for this problem.

Reasons for Dispute and Lack of Interest between Husband and Wife

  • The main houses responsible for marital harmony are 4th house, 8th, 7th, and 12th Besides the positivity of these houses it is essential to check Upapada Lagna as well as 2nd house.
  • If the lord of 4th house is disturbed then this would lead to lack of happiness after marriage.
  • 7th house is another house important for marriage and relationship. If the lord of 7th house is weak then the couple is not destined to have a happy marital life.
  • 8th house is related to affection and understanding between the couple. If the 8th house is afflicted with malefic effects then it can lead to negative results in a marriage. Even this house is responsible for the loss of interest and a partner falling in an extramarital affair.
  • The 12th house is related to the intimacy between the couple. Problems in 12th house indicate lack of interest and poor physical life.
  • The situation of Upapada Lagna is also important to analyze the marital status of a couple. It is Arudha pada of 12th house and if you are Taurus then your 12th house lord will be Mars. If Mars is incorrectly placed and is always from 12thou house then this will hamper your relationship with the partner. If the Upapada Lagna is affected with malefic planets then it will disturb the relationship and if it is influenced with benefic planets then it implies good marriage.

Hence, whenever there is marriage kundli milan then it is essential to keep these aspects in consideration.

Remedies to Solve Disputes between Husband and Wife

If your janam kundli shows any such signs of troubles then no need to worry. There are some astrology remedies to be followed, which can cure the problem completely.

  1. One of the best ways to solve disputes between a wife and husband is chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra on a daily basis. If you are not aware of the Mantra then you can even chant the Shiv mantra on a daily basis.
  2. Another remedy to bring in interest and love between the couple is ‘Om Mahayakshini Pati Mem Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha.’
  3. Besides this, the couple can wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. Wearing this is proven to increase affection between the couple.
  4. A couple of Lord Shiva and Parvati are known to offer blessings to the married couple. Worshipping them on a daily basis is expected to bring harmony between the couple.
  5. Lalita Sahasranama is another mantra that can be chanted daily to bring in peace and prosperity between the couple.

While these are all remedies to get rid of disputes and affection problems between the couple, the best solution is to go for kundli horoscope matching before the marriage. If the astrologer finds any problem in the kundli matchmaking then it is advised to follow all the remedies suggested for marriage kundli. If you don’t have a kundli then you can get it from an online kundli generator.

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