10 Lessons After 20 Years of Marriage Life

Lessons After 20 Years of Marriage Life

Lessons After 20 Years of Marriage Life

At some point in life, people are bound to fall in love and decide to spend their life together. The part of their life that follows after the celebration of their unity is termed as a marriage and it is considered to be one of the most  important things in their life. When it happens to someone, it fills them with immense joy and excitement as it changes the pace and track of their life on a whole other level. But it is not as easy as it is imagined to be. Several hardships and changes happen to you and at a rate which can sometimes be difficult to cope up. Some life lessons are learnt along the way. Here are some which are shared by the people who are 20 years into a successful marriage.


  1. You cannot escape from sacrifices.

After a certain point, a relationship begins to take instead of giving.  A lot of changes and responsibilities are invited when you step into the marriage life and this calls for several compromises. Time and effort have to be put into making your spouse happy. But with the right person, every sacrifice made is worth it.

  1. Some things remain the same.

There are a lot of qualities that are observed to remain the same even after many years. Men will be men and women will be men is a very valid lesson to be learned during this course of life.

  1. Communication is the key.

It is generally expected by a person to be able to telepathically connected to their spouse and be available for each other every time. But this idea is ridiculous and yet it is expected during the initial stages of marriages only to change afterward. You learn to express your feelings and thoughts to each other when you are into it as long as 20 years.

  1. Money matters more than we believe it to be.

The financial status of the spouses takes a drastic change after marriage. You should ready to share your earnings and consider each other’s expenses while making your budget plan.

  1. Prayers and beliefs can have a positive impact.

We often wish to experience miracles at times crisis and marriage is a huge magnet for the crisis. The ups and downs of the life together can be overcome with only faith and belief in each other, sometimes the God as well. This is where the marriage astrology and marriage horoscope comes to play.

  1. The sense of humor and entertainment.

This is what keeps your relationship lively and very much alive. It helps to fend off your frustrations and other problems when you lighten up the aura around you.

  1. Nobody cares about you.

The world does not care or want your marriage to thrive or survive. It is going to be you and your spouse and only you two care for your relationship. Only by realizing that true happiness and independence can be achieved.

  1. Exchange compliments and criticisms.

A person cannot be seen all good and perfect. When you find your partner’s unique quality compliment them and at the same time feel free to comment on their downside. It only helps in building a healthy and honest relationship. Also, learn to apologize when you are wrong about something.

  1. Making each other as their top priority is hard but essential.

It is very much essential to make your spouse feel loved and involved in your life and also taking part in theirs. It is one way of keeping your promise about lasting forever.

  1. Seeking outside help can be helpful sometimes.

Some disputes problems cannot be resolved easily and these can even put your relationship in jeopardy. At times like this, you can always invite an outside person, like a friend or a counselor to help you communicate with each other and resolve the problem.

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7 Remedies for Marriage Delay That are Surely Going to Help You

Remedies for Marriage Delay

Remedies for Marriage Delay

Astrology believes that delays or obstacles in marriage arise due to the marriage horoscope of the person. Some people seek horoscope analysis from marriage astrologers in order to get marriage prediction from them. Marriage astrology deals with prediction of things related with the marriage of an individual, such as the likely time of marriage, the delays or obstacles in marriage, the relationships involved and so on.

In astrology, the horoscope is also known as the Kundli, which according to the website www.akashvaani.com is a picture or a chart of the placements of the various planets as well as the various zodiac signs in the twelve houses of the horoscope. These positions are dependent on the day, the date, the time as well the place of birth of a person. Doshas refer to certain unfavorable and troublesome Kundlis that are said to be responsible for obstacles and delays in a person’s life events. Astrologers also say that there are remedies for Kundli doshas in the field of astrology to make the lives of people better. It is the Mangal or Manglik Dosha that is associated with the problems associated with marriage. It is said to occur when any of the houses of the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house. It is also known as kuja dosha.

The website www.akashvaani.com lists some things as told by Vastu Shastra experts that can be kept in mind according to them.

  • If the defect is spotted in the southwest side of the house, then that may be a cause for delay in the marriage of the youngsters who are living in the house, according to Vastu Shastra.
  • The presence of underground water tanks can also be responsible for occurrence of delays in finding the right match.
  • The presence of a slope in the southwest region of the house instead of the northeast region of the house then that can also be a factor according to Vastu Shastra.
  • According to Vast experts, the southwest region of the house is auspicious for any good activity and the bedroom should not be in that region.
  • They also say that in order to inviting positive energies, soothing shades of colors should be used in the furnishings or bed colors and colors like black and shades of dark blue should preferably be avoided.
  • Another website findyourfate.com, adding turmeric powder to bathing water can be useful, and after a bath, putting tilak on the forehead with saffron.
  • Reciting certain mantras as mentioned by astrologers may also be useful according to this website.


In addition to the above seven points, many astrologers may also suggest visiting temples, fasting on certain days, wearing certain colors on certain days, carrying out certain donations, performing other rituals and so on. Performing rituals is one thing but visiting the temples and breathing some positive energy to keep your brain on a positive note is a wise thing to do. If you find the rituals very much applicable, then doing it for a peaceful mind is fine too. Moreover, it is said that astrology prediction and suggested remedies can be more specifically told if the horoscope of the person is properly analyzed by an astrologer.

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Hobbies and Interests Play An Important Role In Any Marriage Success

Almost all married couples face an occasional lull or dryness during the course of their relationship. It’s real, it’s part of being human – accept that. But don’t stand for it! Indeed, it’s commonplace at times that virtually every aspect of the relationship becomes routine – if not somewhat boring – and it is during these low points problems tend to arise.

Find New Interests

It is important that you develop a willingness to maintain the passion and excitement of your marital relationship – not just in the beginning and during the good times, but always. Part of the key involves demonstrating a genuine interest in your partner’s interests and personality.

Alright, so where to begin? One of the easiest place to look for common interests – or at least a place to start – is recreation. For example, does your spouse like a particular sport? Puzzles, board games or video games? Movies, eating out, going for a walk? Renting a boat, discussing news events, swimming?

Common interests don’t have to be flashy or expensive. Each of you can list (on paper) your top 10 interests, find those which match (do them!) and even expand your horizons by trying some that don’t match.

The Necessity of Work

In many marriages, one partner’s dedication to a job can drive a wedge between an otherwise dedicated couple. One way to avoid this is to take an interest in your partner’s career – after all, money is certainly a necessity and the work a person performs to bring home a check can spark some discussion.

While it is not imperative to develop in-depth knowledge of your spouse’s field, frequently you can pick up intriguing information in casual conversation. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover you become someone your spouse can turn TO rather than AWAY from during times of professional crisis. (Of course, don’t discuss company confidential information with your mate.)

Religion and Spirituality

If you and your spouse are active in your faith, turning to religious interests is a great way to do something fulfilling as a couple. Often, even those without a lot of time to invest can find a way to help others and their marriage through their religious commitments.

Other Common Interests

If you still can’t think of common interests to share with your spouse, don’t give up. There are many other activities that couples can share depending on your personal preferences. For example, if your spouse is a bibliophile, you may want to commit a half hour or so reading to one another in bed at night – an activity that can be both intimate and bonding. Or if you aren’t really much into reading aloud, you might opt instead for reading the same book and discussing it afterward.

How kundali match can tell if their hobbies and interest match

The Guna is considered as the most important parameter while matching the Kundli of a potential couple. A total of eight gunas is analyzed to check a compatibility or partnership. Each has its own numeric points which can hold a total of 36. The higher the score, the higher the compatibility is.

The Kudali task is performed to find out whether the partner’s hobbies and interests match such as behavior, mindset, interests and other aptitude related things. The prime need for a successful marriage chiefly during the days of struggle when the world is in the swift move at a massive pace. The matching also sketches the idea of the prosperous health and overall well-being of both the mates. Lastly, the physical charm is also tested to ensure to evaluate the desirability of attraction by both of them towards each other.

The matching of Kundali seems to be simple but is not that easy to find the perfect compatibility of two souls all together with mutual gunas, interests, hobbies with perfect statics of astro. Harmony of two in falling love souls is based on many aspects and in fact, some astrological matchmakers often compare sexual compatibility too. The sparks of the lifetime are somehow depended upon positive potential by the true love mates more.

To strengthen the long-term relationship apart from Kundali perspectives other spectrums such as communication, attraction, sex drives, the common hobbies and mutual interests to have a playful long living marriage is a necessity.

The way to fly high with perfect marriage the mating of mutuality is a part to explore the new experiences together. The lack of compatibility in sex, communication or in any other perspective can give birth to the risk of divorce or dissatisfaction.

5 Things You Should Definitely Consider In Your Partner While Getting Married. Can Astrology Help In Knowing Them?

5 Things You Should Definitely Consider In Your Partner While Getting Married. Can Astrology Help In Knowing Them?

Things You Should Definitely Consider In Your Partner While Getting Married. Can Astrology Help In Knowing Them?

Fairy lights and Prince Charming on a white horse with a fairy tale wedding is every girl’s dream. Marriage is a topic of much interest and intrigue attracting a lot of discussion at various places with various people. We all dream big of our D-Day and about our partner to be loving and caring. But when reality hits not all marriages turn out to be a fairy tale. A marriage is a sacred bond that binds not only two individuals together for life but also their family, friends and relatives together. So before choosing your partner you have to be careful because your choice will determine the happy scales of your future life. Astrology is not an exact science but a scientific method where calculations are done to get future predictions. Today with the wide spread use of internet and online portals there are many websites that will help you to get a better idea about astrology and how it can help you while considering your prospective partner while getting married.

You can take look at the following websites and find out the 5 things you should definitely consider in your partner while getting married. And also how can astrology help in knowing them?

Destiny is an idea that we believe in and curiosity has always been in abundance in such places where fate, destiny has been linked with our life. We are in constant concern about the future and predictions about future are often made with the help of astrology. Marriage is always associated with astrology and matches are fixed sometimes only after two partners are found compatible with their zodiac signs are well matched astrologically.

Before deciding to tie the knot you must be well aware about each other’s likes and dislikes. There are many aspects to be considered, however the 5 most important things to consider are mentioned below.

Will You Partner Support You With Your Decisions?

After marriage you will share you each and every moment with your partner so it is really important to know if your decisions will be respected and supported by your partner or not. You can find a lot about your partner’s personality traits with the help of his zodiac sign. Other than being able to share your thoughts freely with him, astrology will reveal many of hidden personality traits to you and after reading your results and matching them with his behaviour you can decide for yourself if you want to carry the relationship forward or not.

Career Post Marriage

The most important part of our life today is our career so automatically the question that pops up in any girl’s mind before marriage is if she would be allowed to pursue her career and ambitions. Although there are many working women today still they are often asked to sacrifice their independence and ambitions after marriage and are asked to be more focused on building up a home for her partner and his family. Find the best match who will support your career decisions with a little bit of help from astrological calculations of planetary movements.

The Significance of Venus

Venus is a symbol of marriage and the planets movement often signifies your marriage as well as the appearance of your partner. Looks have always got an upper hand while considering prospective brides or grooms for marriage. Appearance of your partner plays an important role in mutual attraction towards each other. The study of the movement of Venus often lets you have an idea about the appearance of your ideal partner.

The Test of Love and Loyalty

Only the test of time can seek out and showcase your partners love and loyalty towards you yet there are many ways in which marriage astrology can help you understand your partner’s true intentions. Although nothing can be said for certain, the planetary movements in your and your partner’s houses suggests if your partner will stand by you against all odds or there is a chance of your partner betraying you. Marriage astrology is an institution where the roots of loyalty and love reach deep and are expected to be maintained throughout one’s lifetime.

Shared Space And Time

Marriage is not an individual affair and most of us are clueless about the idea of sharing space and time with our respective partners as most often we live a life of a bachelor and then suddenly there is another person to be taken care off. Both partners need to share their space and time with each other while leaving a certain me time and space out for their own use. Astrology prediction can help you find your most compatible partner with the help of calculations and other astrological charts.

You can follow the following hyperlinks and get an idea about how astrology can be helpful.



My Marriage is Being Delayed. What Can Be the Various Factors for Marriage Delay and Tell the Remedies?

Marriage delay and remedies

marriage delay and remedies for early marriage

When you are meeting lots of people but still not able to find the true love, this situation arises in many people live. This is very common thing when you do not feel attached to the person you are meeting. Finding the right partner is very tough these days because people use brain not their heart. Have you heard about the relationship where a boy and a girl are together from 3 to 4 years but they don’t love each other. Yes, these relations are the result of your planetary motion.
Hence, it can be possible after meeting various people you are not able to find right partner. In astrology, Venus is the planet for love and relationship, when love blooms in your life you will definitely find the right partner and with the help of the 7th house your marriage can be possible.

How planets will help in finding right partner?

Do you know the fact that all over your life is handled by the planets your emotions, feelings, love, relationship, health, career, and other things. Therefore, it is obvious when right time will come, you will definitely find your life partner. However, here the matter is finding right partner. Let me tell you when you feel that this person is right and can become your life partner then must match your kundali with that person so that you will get the perfect result. Means, matching kundali will assure you of social compatibility, mental compatibility, future life peace, financial status, and kids.

Why there is delay in marriage?

Above, it has been discussed about finding the right partner but sometimes people are in love from 7 years but they do not get favorable time for marriage. This is serious issue because not finding the correct partner is one thing but delay in marriage is crucial thing. When you will find the right partner then why there is delay? Here is simple solution, when the planets are not in favor of your marriage then no matter how much time you spend in a relationship you will not get married soon.

Seventh house in the horoscope chart is karak  for marriage in everybody’s life but any malefic planet present in that house then it will cause hindrance or delay in marriage. Moreover, Jupiter is the guru means blessing in anyone’s life, means each thing from prosperity to childbirth you will need guru’s blessing. Hence must seek an astrologer’s consultation for correction of the planets.

Remedies for early marriage

Here are the simple remedies for early marriage:

  • Offer green grass to the Cow
  • Get an old lock from the house and rotate it around your head in clockwise direction then throw it at any crossing and move from there without looking back at the lock.
  • If a girl and boy reads the versas of lord Shiva and Parvati’s marriage in Balkhand of Ramcharitmanas everyday then their wish of getting marrind will fulfill soon
  • A girl or a boy of age of marriage can pour fresh water on the Shivlings and chant Om namah Shivay after placing 108 flowers to the lord. This ritual should be done on every 7 consecutive Friday.
  • You can also offer suhag things including bangles, sindoor, red chunni, and other things in Shiv and Parvati temple
  • Planting the pomegranate and banana plant at any worship place will help in early marriage.
  • To get marriage early, a girl can keep fast on 16 consecutive Monday on Savan and pray to Lord Shiva. This day dress like goddess parati and tie a knot between lord Shiva and Parvati.
  • On Thursdays, keep kalingi at the Vishnu temple with sweets.
  • Keep rabbit as pet in the house and feed them with hand
  • Whenever going to any marriage function of others, a boy or girl should put mehandi on their hand that is ment for bride and groom.
  • Whenever marriage breaks after its finalization or talk never reach to the final result then put shoes at that time on the feet so that marriage talk go on without break.
  • Wear new clothes marriage talk
  • If you are getting very less proposals for marriage then wear yellow clothes on Thursday and white clothes on Friday. Repeat this process for 4 weeks and you will soon get the marriage proposal very soon.