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Does Sadesatti Period Affect Your Marriage

For many people the period of Sade satti or the 7 and a half years of influence of the planet Shani or Saturn is very fearsome. There are many misconceptions and dread about this period. People are asked to expect all kinds of obstacles, loss, conflicts, trauma and even death in this period. Worst of all, the married life of a person can also undergo issues during this effect.

So, how can one separate fact from fiction, and what is the real truth regarding effect of sade satti on marriage?

A truly experienced vedic astrologer can tell us all about it.

When, Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from position of moon in the janam kundali, it is known as Sade satti. Saturn takes 2 and ½ years to pass through each sign (30 years to make one round of the zodiac), its passing through 3 signs make it 7 and ½ years. Sade means “half” and Satti translates to “seven” and hence the name Sade Satti.

Does every sade satti effect the individual negatively?

No, this can be answered only by looking at the individual’s birth chart in detail. If Saturn is not in its malefic aspect and placed negatively but working as a yoga karaka, instead of bad results, one can become very successful happy marriage life – buy property, increase wealth etc also in this period. Hence, that is why we see for some people sade satti becomes a time of good fortune also.

How do the different cycles of sade satti affect me?

First cycle of Sade-sati generally affects parents and close relatives. The 2nd cycle influences home and business front, and the 3rd cycle affects marriage, children, family, health, and physical suffering.
In affecting marriage, it can cause separation from spouse, unhappy domestic life and quarrels.
Depending on position and strength of Saturn, the affects can be mild to severe.

How must one take precaution during this time?

To understand this, one must know the nature of the planet Saturn. He is not fond of egoism and pride, and targets people who are arrogant to bring them down. Its very important to remain humble, and continue doing one’s work inspite of any troubles or difficulties.

In married life, one must make sure that one does not show arrogance and ego, but is understanding and patient in solving all problems.

Both spouses can read Shani Mahatmyam on Saturdays, and visit shani temple to make the offerings. This appeases the planet.

How do we know if sade satti is good or bad for marriage prediction?

Astrologers check various aspects to answer this question.

  • They check if Saturn acting as a benefic or malefic influence in the janam kundali
  • Is Saturn coming again under aspect of any naturally benefic or naturally malefic planets.If Saturn is coming under a naturally benefic planet such as Jupiter, it will be a good result but if it comes under a naturally malefic planet like Rahu, it would be a bad result.
  • online Astrolgers also check the dasha – planetary time period running during that time and check if Saturn is involved there?
  • They further check what is the nakshatra under which Saturn falls in natal chart and its characteristics
  • They check for how strong is the janam kundali in general. They analyse how many benefic planets are placed in kona and kendras
  • Placement and influence of lagna and lagna lord are checked. What’s the influence of Lagna on Saturn? E.g. is Saturn in Lagna or is it in conjunction with Lagna lord.

Conclusion of sade satti effect on marriage:

So, rest assured that sade satti would be bad for marriage only if all the above factors are negative in a chart. This is usually not the case and one can get a mixed period of good and bad results affecting marriage astrology in sade satti period

vedic astrology

5 Ways You can Protect Your Marriage with Vedic Astrology

vedic astrology

vedic astrology

Did you know that astrology is a practical tool that can give you invaluable guidance protect your married life?
Sometimes there is very little love and lack of communication in marriage. Sometimes, there are ups and downs in life due to dashas or bad planetary positions. Sometimes the planning of children or sudden illnesses also cause stress on marriage. In all these areas, thee ancient science of astrology can be consulted to increase the chances of success in all areas of your life. Let’s look at 5 of them

love and relationship astrology


Help in marriage bonding

We need not suffer silently due to lack of love or communication problems in marriage. Astrology can help you become aware of the nature of your spouse and how to deal with them
Based on the study of the janma kundali and planetary positions, astrologer can explain which areas of the relationships are not going well, or the consequences of not taking any precautions.

  • An afflicted 7th house or its lord, could mean issues in one’s marriage of compatibility
  • Venus is known as the planet of relationships. Its positioning is important love between spouses
  • Malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu can cause divorce

Help during negative dashas

Astrology can tell you which part of your married life you need to focus on at any given point in time.

  • Based on the study of your janma kundali and the planetary positions and rashis placed in each house, an astrologer can tell you if you will experience changes or challenges related to relationships, career, money, health etc. Each of these will affect the marriage also.

Dashas and antardashas of your horoscope can give timeline of when a bad period will end and a good period will start and auspicious times to start new ventures.

communication problem in love marriage

communication problem in love marriage

Help in planning for children
Married life need not undergo stress due to child and pregnancy problems. Astrology has the answer to that also.

  • For the birth of child both fifth and ninth houses are observed but for conception only fifth house is analyzed.
  • Good planets like Jupiter in 5th house, planets facing this house, and power and position of this house determine the “santan praapti yog”
  • Malefic planets like Saturn, mars, sun, rahu and ketu affecting the fifth house or its lord causes problems in conception.

Help in ensuring Financial well-being- affects marriage
Lack of finances puts lot of stress in married life. Marriage astrology can guide you to come out of financial problems and challenges safely.

  • If mercury in combination with moon aspects the 2nd house or lord of the 2nd house and forms any good dhan yogas, one can get luck making investments or trading in shares.
  • If 11th house is afflicted with malefic planets, business ventures are usually not successful
  • If mercury is in the ascendant and moon is in 7th house, then one has a good sense for business and can do well with connections.

Helps in Preventing illnesses – affects marriage

Diseases can play havoc with married life quality. Vedic astrology can guide you to come out of it without any additional stress.

  • When malefic planets are posited in houses like 6th (disease), 8th (longevity) and 12th (death), one must take utmost care of one’s health
  • When bad planets occupy the ascendant, health is a concern
  • When sun, moon and ascendant – all three are afflicted, health becomes an issue

Expert Astrology can help you in these areas of your life by providing you with very authentic predictions. Based on these, you can take proper action, proper precaution and be assured of perfect results at the right time.

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Marriage without kundali matching – A big risk says Vedic astrology

Marriage without kundali matching

Marriage without kundali matching

Is it alright to take the biggest decision of your life blindfolded?
This is what most people who do not believe in kundali matching do. They are very cautious and calculative risk takers in life, yet when it comes to marriage, they skip the step of kundali matching – opening themselves and their future to risk- a risk to their own happiness.

Vedic astrology, which is one of the ancient sciences has devised a very calculative method that can compare the nature of two partners and confirm whether they would be compatible or not. This process is called kundali matching.

A Kundali or birth horoscope is an astrological chart, created on the basis of the exact birth date, time and birth place of an individual. Kundali matching or Kundali milan is the Vedic astrology equivalent of horoscope matching for marriage.

The number of questions, fears and anxieties in one’s mind reaches a frenzy at the period before marriage.

Should one enter into marriage full of fear and anxiety? Not necessary, says Vedic astrology.

Vedic astrology shines the light on a marriage alliance through a scientific approach and calculations. It can answer a lot of questions about the alliance.

love marriage horoscope

love marriage horoscope

Risks without doing proper kundali matching are:

  • Incompatibility on all levels with the partner
  • Poor quality and nature of the partnership
  • Affected duration of the marriage – can end shortly through separation, divorce, death etc
  • Poor or no chances of children, wealth and fortunes through this alliance
  • Miseries or misfortunes due to this alliance

All these problems can be highlighted effortlessly under the expert hands of an astrologer, who can study both the horoscopes.

It is only after analyzing the pros and cons of the alliance that one can take an informed decision with clarity and confidence into the future. This is the power of Vedic astrology.

System of kundali matching

The guna milan is seen using Ashtkoot guna milan system.  36 Gunas are the aspects that need to be considered by comparing the horoscopes of the bride and groom to ascertain their compatibility with each other.

If at least 18 out of 36 gunas in both the horoscopes match, marriage would be recommended, otherwise not.

In astrology the koota or clusters under which the compatibility is seen are called as follows:

       Varna Koot (Society class) 1 point

       Tara Koot (Futuristic approach) points

       Graha Maitri Koot (Mentality and mutuality) 5 points

       Bhakoot (Health) 7 points

       Vashya Koot (Mutual attraction) 2 points

       Yoni Koot (Sexual life) 4 points

       Gana Koot (Behaviour) 6 points

       Nadi Koot (Pregnancy and child) 8 points

Important planets in kundali matching

Study of sun, moon, mars etc are important in terms of planetary influence.

  • The horoscopes of both prospective partners are analyzed
  • Important aspects like 7th house, its lord and navamsha have to be additionally studied while doing a horoscope match.
  • The position of mars with respect to Mangal dosha should be studied.
  • The mutual positions of moon need to be studied. If the position of their moon is in Kendra, trine or 11th from each other, then both bride and groom will agree on same points. If the moon is in 3rd,6th,8th or 12th than clashes are bound to happen. It also leads to lack of emotional bonding.
  • In the case of Sun’s placement of both groom and bride, if their relative position is favourable then it will lead to strong friendship between bride and groom.

Common doshas which can be avoided through kundali matching

  • Mangal dosha is a common dosha, which creates a lot of aggression and problems in the marital front. This can be detected during kundali matching.
  • Kaal Sarp doshas (when all seven planets are placed between Rahuand Ketu), etc., can also create lot of problems in marriage, and can be detected during kundali matching.

One can get one’s kundali matching online and additionally verified by an expert astrologer to ensure a harmonious and happy married life.

Vedic astrology removes the risk of an unhappy marriage through proper kundali matching.

communication problems

Communication Problems in Marriage. Astrology Explains

communication problems

communication problems

Many modern marriages end in divorce and this is because of communication flaws. The problem at the root of these broken marriages are not very big, and they could have been resolved if only the channel of communication was transparent and open. However, when it comes to communication between people, ego plays a big role, and breaks down many marriages.

Those who communicate politely yet boldly their thoughts and views, and at the same time do not hurt others, are admired by all. Those who prefer to remain silent and do not speak up, may be bottling up all the hatred, anger, jealousy etc. This will one day or the other boil up and burst into fights and big conflicts. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to mend a relationship once it passes this stage.

The science of Vedic astrology can indicate communication problems and its remedies for saving marriages.

banner is 2019 your marriage year b

communication problem in love marriage

                                     When Will Get Marriage
Vedic astrology analysis for relationships and marriage prediction are basically concerned with first, second and seventh houses of the horoscope.  Influence of negative and cruel planets over these houses and/or operation of a malefic planets period can cause specific and grievous problems in one’s relationships and marriage.

What is the link between communication in relationships and astrology?

In marriage astrology in particular, the ability to communicate well between the two partners is given close attention due to the importance of this quality to make or mar the relationship.

Kundali matching by name and date of birth or kundali milan of prospective partners takes a look at this aspect in advance.

  • In vedic astrology, planet Mercury is the significator of speech.
  • The 5th house is the celebrated house of intellect and generally mercury is seen as the planet of ‘buddhi’ or intelligence. It is only when you have intelligence to say the right thing that you can become a good communicator
  • Weak saturn, sun and combination of mercury and rahu cause unpleasant speech if they are in the wrong house or in a conflicting stance.
  • The effect of Mars shows someone who uses much abusive language when he/she talks. They can be barbaric and emotionless in their speech, often speaking without any reason. Negative effects of mars and ketu can break down marriages
  • Jupiter signifies wisdom in speech and the person with an auspicious Jupiter can have sensitive, loving and respectful speech. Also, they have the ability that what they say does come true in the future at times.
  • If the 2nd lord is in a fiery sign or if the three fiery planets (Sun, Ketu and Mars) are aspecting the second house or if the 2nd house from Moon being a fiery sign has three fiery planets in it, communication is impacted. There are many such aspects and transits which can cause issues.

Some astrological remedies for improving communication

  • Practise meditation – on a consistent basis, without missing a single day.
  • Practise silence – especially during mauni amavsaya and practise half day or full-day silence for a particular day of the week.
  • Focus on your personal diety or Istadevatha such as Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu etc and pray to them to remove your weakness in communication.
  • Worshipping Goddess Saraswati and offering Her white flowers would help in controlling emotional outburst and harsh language.
  • Performing rudra-abhishek puja, at least once a month would sooth the negative effect of Mars and Ketu.
  • Chanting ‘rudra-sookt paath’, brings calmness to the mind and tongue.
  • Avoid eating after sunset, spicy and non-vegetarian foods. Do not eat cold or stale food also which has negative energy
  • Perform manglik dosh shanti for manglik
  • Perform Shanti for Kalsarpa Dosh, if any one of the couple suffers from the same.

An expert astrologer can actually pinpoint the planetary influences causing all communication problems. Steps can be advised to increase the strength of auspicious planets, and reduce the malefic influence of inauspicious planets. Astrology can in a nutshell, give you the power to save the marriage.

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marriage problems

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Marriage Problems

marriage problems

marriage problems

Hand in hand with Vedic astrology horoscope analysis come the remedies. Yet, many people are very keen on understanding their horoscope analysis alone, and do not pay much attention or place complete belief in the remedies suggested. The availability of the time tested remedies indicate that one should have the proactive attitude of overcoming obstacles, and taking matters of destiny into one’s own hands or control.

Vedic astrology can tell you the future obstacles in all areas of life, and also give appropriate remedies and recommendations to overcome them.

The remedies in vedic astrology fall under several different categories. Their effect is certain when done with complete belief in their working. The most common remedies fall under these major divisions:

  • Gemstone therapy (which use electromagnetic radiations)
  • Mantra therapy (Which use sound waves)
  • Yantras (which use geometrical and mathematical shapes)

Some of the other equally important remedies could be:

  • Penance or austerities – physical and mental
  • Fasting
  • Religious ceremonies (pooja) with charity

Remedies are suggested in order to alter the natural effects of the ruling planets in our horoscopes. Some of the planets may be giving us positive influences whereas others may be causing us loss, harm, obstacles and challenges. The planets which are malefic, causing us harm, have to pacified.

Weak planets can be strengthened by wearing gemstones. They can be worn either anytime in the life of the person, or during the dasha of that particular planet.

Malefic planets can be pacified with poojas, austerities, charity, and mantra recitation.

Process for suggesting remedies are as follows:

  • Astrology takes a complete analysis of the janam kundali, and determines the placement, aspect, transits and overall effects – positive and negative that are happening in the life of the individual.
  • Astrologers then determine the root cause of planets causing the trouble – trouble could be caused by weak but good planets or strong but malefic planets.
  • The specific planets are then picked up for remedial measures.
  • The dasha scheme, relationship of the planet with the dasha lord and their compatibility are also checked.

Approach and remedies for marriage problems

  • The 7th house of marriage, its lord are all studied to see the power and position, negatively impacting marriage.
  • The effect of Rahu and Ketu can cause fights, quarrels on a daily basis and distance between spouses. The placement of these planets, their aspect and relation with other houses is checked. The japa of Rahu and Ketu can be done as per the astrologer’s advice. These are safe to do for all, and most effective remedies as they give out positive vibrations for the chanter and those who hear them.
  • If the 2nd lord is in a fiery sign or if the three fiery planets (Sun, Ketu and Mars) are aspecting the second house or if the 2nd house from Moon being a fiery sign has three fiery planets in it, communication is impacted. There are many such aspects and transits which can cause issues.
  • Pitru dosha is also a common reason for a whole host of worlldy problems one may be facing inclusing marital problems. This dosha occurs by not performing the rituals related to ancestors or pitrus. Their blessings are considered very important for life and overall happiness. The astrologer may advise performing the shraadh of the ancestors to change the situation.
  • Depending on which of the planets is responsible for creating the negative energy, chanting of various mantras of the various deities of the navagrahas or nine planets, can alter the situation, if done with faith.
  • The divine couple Shiva and Shakti represent marital harmony. They should be worshipped.The other dieties to be worshipped are Lakshmi, Uma Maheshwara, Muruga, Durga and Hanuman.
  • Worship of Lord Hanuman is especially powerful to save both men and women who experience problems in their marriage.

Therefore, there are a whole host of remedies in vedic astrology and one can benefit from them to a great extent.
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marital problems with astrology

Overcoming Marital Problems with Astrology

marital problems with astrology

marital problems with astrology

Problems in married life can severely affect the all-round well-being of an entire family. The partners in the marriage suffer a lot of daily stress and it affects every other part of their life also. Some amount of problems are common with all marriages, however when they begin to start affecting the emotional and physical intimacy and bonding between the spouses, it’s a red signal to take action and bridge the gap. Most of the time, people do not like outside interference from family and friends in marital problems. Other than giving moral support, there is nothing more outsiders can do. However, counselling as well as astrological advice can go a long way in helping individuals get back on the right track.

How can astrology help in marital problems?   Ask Questions

By looking at the birth chart, an astrologer can mention the kind of problems that are currently being faced. An expert astrologer would follow a specific process to pinpoint the reasons why the problems are happening. There may be several reasons but the main reason has to be tackled in a timely manner. The astrologer can also provide many remedies for the same. If the native has complete faith and wants to make a positive difference, astrology can definitely help him or her to a large extent.

What type of marital problems can astrology solve?

Astrology can pinpoint and also solve the complete range of marriage problems no matter how big or small. Usually problems arise due to incompatibility between spouses, lack of emotional or physical bonding, lack of trust, increase in misunderstandings, extramarital affairs, financial problems, slow professional growth, in-laws problems, domestic disputes etc.

Following are some of the steps that would be taken via smart astrology

Analysis of the 7th house: The 7th house in a person’s birth chart signifies marriage. The analysis of this house is the first step taken by an astrologer. A troubled marriage would surely reflect back on this house.

Each house in Vedic astrology is ruled by a particular planet. Strength of lord of 7th house in the natal chart is checked.

  • Status of birth chart: All significant houses are checked. The 2ndhouse is the house of wealth, possessions, money and values. This is also checked for overall predictions and calculations. The 4th house signifies home, family, sense of belonging, emotional security, the role in family dynamics, bonding etc. The state of this house is also correlated
  • Strength of Venus: Venus is highly significant for marriage and associated happiness. Moon also indicates happiness, comfort and marital bliss. Venus expresses the emotions and the emotions are signified by moon. It is important to analysis Venus with respect to its position, aspect, conjunctions and condition of Venus in terms of its motion, closeness to sun and its afflictions.
  • Analysis of benefic planets: Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are generally benefic planets and auspicious in nature. If a person has marital problems, then it is possible that these planets are weak, afflicted and not positioned in a positive manner for the native.
  • Analysis of malefic planets – The malefic planets in any horoscope are Saturn, Mars and Rahu. Their impact can cause a host of marital problems. Their position on the 7th house and also on the birth chart have to be analyzed to pinpoint the problems.
  • Analysis of yog or doshas: The conjunction of certain combination of planets cause certain yogas to be formed in a person’s horoscope. Kal Sarpa Dosh, Mangal dosh etc. are a few of the common doshas which increase possibility of many marital problems. All of these can be remedied through astrological remedies.

Remedies in astrology

Remedies are always a part and parcel of astrology, as it believes in tackling the root issue. Most of the time this means trying to lessen the harmful influence of strong and negative planets in our birth chart. Some of the common methods are increasing the auspicious and stronger positive vibrations via gemstone therapy, mantra chanting, performing simple prayers to specific deities etc. An expert astrologer can help recommend practical and simple approaches, to fill the gaps and remove the negative energy field around us.

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Mending Relations with Mother-in-law using Vedic Astrology

vedic astrology

vedic astrology

The word “Mother-in-law” can mean different things to different people. Many are blessed to have a mother-in-law who is like a second mother. They enjoy a good friendship and also learn a lot from each other. On the other hand, and that too more often, people complain of bad mother-in – laws.

These people may be living either in a joint family system or they may be closely interacting with the mother-in-law at all times. This can be a draining and highly stressful and negative experience if the relations are not good. Very often, small and trivial issues start becoming larger due to misunderstandings that develop between the two people.

The husband is usually caught in the crossfire between the wife and mother-in-law and has to walk a delicate thin line to please both the parties. Thus, sour relations slowly build up over time, and become full-blown domestic conflict creating rift and separation.

In modern times, as women become more independent, such clashes and conflict of interest can rise easily with the older generation. However, it is important for the well-being of the whole family that relations are kept well, and harmonious.

How does one take control of turning around the relationship?

It can start with developing understanding of the mother in law’s nature, becoming aware of root cause of the problems, and take a practical approach to solve the problem. Astrology can help in each of these areas: 

  • In the janma kundali or birth chart, the tenth house is analyzed for your mother in law. In a woman’s horoscope, Jupiter is the Husband so, 4th house from Jupiter will represents husband’s mother. Planets in 10th house, lord of 10th house, 4th house from Jupiter and lord of 4th house from Jupiter are all looked into.
  • Not only the birth, but the navamsa charts of a girl are also analyzed for a broad astrological indication about quality of this relation.
  • The personality of a person is represented by the ascendant lord viz. the lord of the first house. So one must evaluate the relation between the ascendant lord and the 10th lord in the birth as well as the Navansh Charts. This gives a broad probable indication.

All marriage prediction are usually made, based on Dashmesh or lord of the 10th house, its position in the chart, planets affecting or aspecting it.

Nature of mother-in-law per astrology – position of lord of 10th house or Dashmesh

If Dashmesh is weak or staying into enemy rashi, then Mother in law displays cheap behavior.

If Dashmesh is staying in his own house or stay in rashis that are favourable then Mother in law will be powerful, and she will behave with one as their real mother.

If Dashmesh is SUN then Mother in law will be like a dictator or very authoritative,  not wanting anyone to  go against her decision.

If Dashmesh is Moon or moon exists into 10th House then mother in law will be very polite, soft speaking and caring. Here if Moon is  malefic then mother in law can stoop to emotional black-mail.

If Dashmesh is Mars or exists into 10th House then mother in law will be of a tough nature, and disciplined. If Mars is favorable then mother in law will be very helpful and if Mars is malefic then mother in law will have rude and selfish nature.

If Dahsmesh is Mercury and if mercury is malefic then she can easily use her communication skills and arguments to win over others.

If Dashmesh is either Jupiter or Jupiter exists into 10th House and Jupiter is favorable in one’s birth chart then mother in law will be caring and very soft hearted. If Jupiter is malefic then mother in law will be very sarcastic.

If Dashmesh is Saturn or Saturn exists into 10th House then mother in law will be very stubborn and narrow minded. If Saturn is favorable then she will be helpful in any complex social problems and if Saturn is malefic then it would be the reverse.

Pitru dosh is another major reason for domestic troubles, and one must ensure he ancestors are appeased for domestic turbulences to be stopped in full.

Remedies as per vedic astrology

Only an expert astrologer can study the situation from a bigger context, understand natures of both the people involved and suggest the right solution.

  • Factors impacting the 10th house and its lord are studied
  • It is essential to appease dashmesh for turning adversities of the planets into virtues.  Malefic planets causing troubles need to be appeased.

Gemstones, yantras, japa of specific deities and simple poojas and rituals can be done regularly to ease the relationship problems. Appeasing ancestors through yearly pooja is also a must.

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